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Stepping Stones: What Americans in the UK need to know about divorce
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed the US tax deductions for alimony payments for post-2018 divorce agreements…
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Stepping Stones: What Americans in the UK need to know about taxation for children
When you have a child who is a US citizen, there are certain tax filing requirements that need to be considered…
Read more 20190701
Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know about owning UK property
Whether you are buying your first home, or investing in real estate, owning UK property as an American…
Read more 20190401
Stepping Stones: Protect your investments and pensions as an American in the UK
If you’re a US Citizen living in the UK, you need to carefully plan your investment strategy…
Read more 20191101
Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know when arriving in the UK
So you’ve just landed in the UK, or maybe you’re just about to move over. You probably have a million things…
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What US tax issues are there for US taxpayers with foreign trusts?
US beneficiaries and owners of a foreign (non-US) trust can have complex US reporting…
Read more 20201022
The basics of US Estate and UK Inheritance Tax
We have put together a detailed insight to give you a summary of some of the basic UK Inheritance Tax and US Estate Tax…
Read more 20200211
What to expat when you're expecting
5 top tips for first time parents of a US child – from an expatriate tax expert and proud father.…
Read more 20190510
Stepping Stones: What US persons need to know about trusts
This Stepping Stone focuses on the tax issues that US beneficiaries face.…
Read more 20200811
Stepping Stones: Brits moving to the US
In our latest Stepping Stone we turn our attention to Brits moving to the US…
Read more 20200101
Stepping Stones: What Americans need to know about repatriating to the US
When an American expat repatriates to the US, it is not necessarily the end of their US/UK tax journey. …
Read more 20191201
Automatic extension to the US tax filing and tax payment deadline
The IRS have now officially announced that July 15 2020 is the new tax return deadline for filing 2019 Federal income…
Read more 20200323
28 May 2020
IRS relief for those stuck in the US during COVID-19
The travel disruption caused by COVID-19 has led to many of those who were travelling to the US for business, leisure,…
Read more 20200528
3 March 2021
Spring Budget 2021: Considerations for Americans in the UK
Although there were no changes made to Income Tax, National Insurance or Inheritance Tax, or even the anticipated…
Read more 20210303
Are 529 plans tax efficient for Americans in the UK?
Where there’s a UK connection, such as the parent or child being UK resident, there are UK tax rules to consider…
Read more 20210811
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