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Case study: The HMRC tactics for unrepresented taxpayers
Here’s how our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team recently helped a client to fast-track the conclusion of…
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Case study: HMRC’s suspicions proven unfounded
Our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team helped a client under a COP9 investigation to prove his innocence of…
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Mastering tronc
There are some 150,000 businesses in the UK where tipping is common, but the practice is far from transparent…
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Case study: closed enquiry reopened and a late appeal accepted
View how we helped a client who approached our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team. HMRC’s Late Stage Debt…
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Case study: HMRC change decision regarding suspension of a careless penalty
In this case study we describe how our Tax Investigations & Dispute Resolutions team recently helped a client get…
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A simple move for happy hospitality staff
Appointing an independent troncmaster allows for the fair and transparent pooling and distribution of tips.…
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25 September 2018
Requirement to Correct – Last chance saloon
Taxpayers have until 30 September 2018 under the Requirement to Correct legislation to register their intention to discl…
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25 September 2018
Dancer successfully challenges HMRC
In a recent tax case, Gemma Daniels v HMRC, the FTT held that claims for outfits and cosmetics were permitted.…
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25 September 2018
Uncooperative behaviour not deliberate concealment
Mark Taylor give his thoughts on a recent tax case 'Romie Tager and others v HMRC”…
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Our thoughts: Government postpone legislation regarding tips
Mark Taylor offers his thoughts on the government's plan to prevent restaurants from taking deductions from tips…
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2 November 2018
2019 National Living/Minimum Wage
With changes to the NLW set to be implemented from April 2019, our Troncmaster team look at the latest figures released.…
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Our thoughts: Has HMRC become an unstoppable beast?
The beast that is now HMRC is the most aggressive and powerful I've seen in my time…
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Case study: HMRC accepts undeclared overseas benefits disclosure within two weeks
Find out how we demonstrated that undeclared benefits received from overseas company for our client did not warrant the…
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4 December 2019
HMRC challenging National Minimum Wage breaches regarding uniforms
Mark Taylor shares how HMRC are increasing the number of challenges related to NMW breaches regarding uniforms…
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4 December 2019
Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill announcement
How can businesses champion the allocation of tips prior to the Employment Bill legislation being implemented?…
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12 April 2022
HMRC investigating Eat Out to Help Out Scheme claims
HMRC now intends to check Eat Out to Help Out claims to recover any overpayments caused by careless errors or false…
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Can ignorance be a reasonable excuse?
Mark Taylor looks at recent tax cases to establish whether ignorance can be a reasonable excuse.…
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Why you should always use a specialist when making a disclosure
Mark Taylor shares why without the use of a specialist, doing the right thing is not always recognised by HMRC…
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1 September 2021
How has COVID-19 impacted tipping?
Mark Taylor covers tipping post pandemic and how employers can increase staff take home without increasing costs…
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26 April 2022
Electronic Sales Suppression (ESS) – New HMRC powers
With the UK government taking steps to tackle the use of ESS tools, we look at the issues that might emerge. …
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