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Architects and R&D tax credits – what should you know?
Most architectural practices will have heard about R&D tax credits by now. Unfortunately, I find there is widespread…
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How to work with HMRC to secure your R&D tax credit
Submitting an R&D tax credit claim could be the first big interaction many new companies will have with HMRC…
Read more 20180729
Event overview - R&D: How to keep HMRC (and your bank balance) happy
Last week I had a really interesting round table discussion with a group of London’s most innovative…
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How R&D tax credits can incentivise the technology sector to get creative and experiment
As recently reported investment in the UK’s technology sector from Europe has grown over 20% and the total amount…
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18 October 2018
Cashback incentives - the key to success for scaling tech companies
Cashback incentives are the key to help scaling tech companies find success – here’s why…
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A 'how to' guide for tech firms when considering your R&D strategy
Being a scaling tech company at times can seem like competing in a very fast contest and keeping ahead of your…
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Top tips for architects when claiming R&D tax credits
Building designs and innovation can trigger R&D tax credits. Find out how to build a superior claim.…
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Event overview: R&D tax credits for architects
It was a pleasure to host another breakfast roundtable last week for a group of London’s most inventive and…
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How tax incentives can help businesses improve cash flow
Across London, many businesses are hitting cash flow challenges they are unsure of how to tackle. Perhaps…
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What impact will Brexit have on funding for tech businesses?
With a lot of uncertainty around Brexit, many tech businesses are understandably concerned that grants backed by the EU…
Read more 20190521
R&D tax credits are not just for ‘tech’ firms
It seems like there is a tech for every sector these days. The question is who can claim outside of the tech bubble?…
Read more 20190528
Which architectural projects are eligible for R&D tax credits?
As an architect, you may not know when you’re undertaking activities that are eligible for R&D tax credits. However,…
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Does your software development qualify for R&D tax credits?
Many businesses are investing in IT or software development and subsequently could be eligible to claim R&D tax credits.…
Read more 20220414
Questions to ask when choosing your R&D tax credits adviser
Have you ever Googled ‘R&D’ and felt lost browsing through the endless list of advisers? …
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Commonly missed activity in architects' R&D tax credit claims
Most architects work collaboratively with other professionals to achieve common goals that go beyond aesthetic…
Read more 20191025
How to claim R&D tax credits before your first tax return
Initiatives like Advance Assurance are there to help ease the process of claiming R&D tax credits for new businesses. …
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HMRC and Teksolutions-Inc Ltd: no records for R&D expenditure – no claim
R&D tax credit update: no records for expenditure – no claim…
Read more 20191204
19 February 2020
Tech roundtable highlights: How to maximise your R&D tax credit claim
Tech roundtable highlights: How to maximise your R&D tax credit claim…
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11 March 2020
Spring Budget 2020: Budget focuses on research & development but limited changes to the tax credit scheme
The 2020 Budget was surprisingly light on changes to R&D tax credits.…
Read more 20200311
Releasing cash? R&D tax credits can help you as a reliable cash source during COVID-19
We explain how R&D tax credits can generate a lifesaving injection of cash…
Read more 20200429
Releasing cash and have struggled to access government loan schemes so far?
Read our top tips on how you can ensure timely payout of your R&D tax credits.…
Read more 20200515
R&D claim denied: HMRC and AHK Recruitment Ltd
Learn what the ruling means for claims, and how supporting documentation can seriously impact the outcome.…
Read more 20200529
Building robust R&D claims: what the latest HMRC tribunal ruling means for your claim
Read our analysis of the recent Hadee case and its impact on your claim.…
Read more 20201208
R&D legislation change – PAYE cap for SME claims
The changes are complex, and you should consider them when budgeting for R&D claims after 1 April 2021. …
Read more 20210215
What recent R&D tax credits trends mean for businesses
Which sectors and regions are the winners and losers? Read our analysis of ONS data to find out.…
Read more 20210215
4 March 2021
Spring Budget 2021: R&D claim update
We summarise the introduction of the SME cash credit cap and the consultation process of both R&D schemes.…
Read more 20210304
R&D webinar highlights: Issues and challenges when claiming for big data analytics
In this webinar, our R&D team looked at considerations for a successful claim on big data analytics projects.…
Read more 20210316
4 October 2021
HMRC continue to challenge R&D claims – tribunal updates
Iain Butler looks at two recent tribunal cases where HMRC has challenged R&D tax credit claims…
Read more 20211004
22 October 2021
Don’t let furlough payments trip up your R&D claim
We explain the restrictions and potential complications that can arise around furlough payments.…
Read more 20211022
6 December 2021
Key changes to the R&D scheme you need to be aware of
Iain Butler provides an overview of the updates that will likely impact your future claims…
Read more 20211206
Common questions about software and R&D
Iain Butler answers the common questions that businesses developing software ask about R&D tax credits.…
Read more 20220218
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