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10 August 2023
The strategic value of bolt-on acquisitions following a successful Search Fund transaction
In this article we highlight how bolt-on acquisitions could be a useful tool following a deal…
Read more 20230810
12 July 2023
Traditional vs self-funded search funds: how the models differ at the five key stages in a fund lifecycle
We highlight how the experience differs between the models at the 5 key stages of a typical search fund lifecycle…
Read more 20230712
19 April 2023
Five key due diligence issues that can derail a search fund transaction
In the 2nd article of our search fund series, we identify the top five key risk areas we see in transactions.…
Read more 20230419
29 March 2023
An introduction to Search Funds/entrepreneurship through acquisition
In this insight (the first of or fortnightly Search Fund series) we outline their key features and what is driving…
Read more 20230329
Chelsea’s new transfer strategy – how they have used accounting principles to engineer a transfer bonanza
We explore the risks and rewards of Chelsea's new transfer strategy.…
Read more 20230203
10 January 2023
An investigation: How well does ChatGPT understand the benefits of Financial Due Diligence?
We investigate whether ChatGPT could outline the 5 main benefits of Financial Due Diligence.…
Read more 20230110
Top 10 things entrepreneurs get wrong when exiting
We cover what common mistakes to avoid when exiting your business.…
Read more 20220803
8 November 2021
Six lessons learned from Squid Game that can be applied to a venture capital fundraising process
Businesses looking to raise capital could learn a few things about how to succeed in the process from Squid Game…
Read more 20211108
22 April 2021
Why do some joint ventures fail? The cautionary tale of the European Super League
As the dust settles on the attempt at establishing the European Super League, we explore some of the reasons behind its…
Read more 20210422
2021, the year of the bolt-on acquisition?
In the face of another year impacted by COVID-19, we explore the opportunity presented by bolt-on acquisitions, which…
Read more 20210107
COVID-19 - the latest HR updates for employers
Information from our HR Consultancy team to support and guide employers during this period of uncertainty. …
Read more 20200415
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