Brexit: Impact and future for the hospitality industry.

With Brexit looming, we can expect a lot of changes to impact the hospitality industry, especially the already challenging employment issue of recruiting and retaining staff. Join expert speakers as we provide a sector update, with insights and advice in how best to tackle issues post Brexit that specifically relate to the hospitality industry, including mastering your tipping and HR systems.

We’ll be giving exclusive insight from expert speakers on the future of the hospitality industry, how you can reduce your staff turnover and how to prepare and stay compliant for the year ahead. You’ll also have the opportunity to get your questions answered in a Q&A session with our panel, followed by some light networking among hosts and guests.

Join us for an action packed morning on Tuesday 23 April 2019, from 9:00am until 11:00am, where you’ll hear from the following speakers:

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive, UKHospitality
Kate Nicholls is considered the voice and face of the hospitality sector to customers, the media and the government. Spending the majority of her time in Westminster for meetings with politicians to lobby for a fairer business rates system, Kate will be able to give her insight from a governance level on the latest industry updates and oversights, including the latest Brexit news and what she expects for the year ahead.

Mark Taylor, Head of Troncmaster Services, Buzzacott 
Auditing and implementing ethical tronc schemes across the UK, Mark has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to staying compliant with tipping. Mark will share his views as to the future of tipping given proposed government legislation and provide the latest updates on tipping and tronc schemes. As a former HMRC Senior Tax Inspector, he is also able to provide a unique understanding of how troncs are viewed by HMRC.

Doug Farrow, HR Director, Buzzacott
With over 30 years’ experience in HR, Doug Farrow will share what businesses in the hospitality sector should be doing to retain staff, as well as how they can comply with UK laws and legislation, avoiding possible sanctions in the process.

Event information
Date: Tuesday 23 April 2019
Venue: Buzzacott, 130 Wood Street, London, EC2V 6DL

Cost: Free

Registration with breakfast: 9:00am
Start: 9:30am
Networking with refreshments: 11:00am

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