Saifur Rahman - R&D Consultant, Technology.

“My role gives me the opportunity to connect with creative and high level C-suite clients who work on innovative projects.”

Saifur joined Buzzacott in 2019 and is an R&D Consultant in our Research & Development Team.

With an academic background in finance and technology, Saifur possesses a keen interest in how the technologies of today’s world can help transform business dynamics and processes. 

His area of expertise lies in identifying clients’ current areas of R&D, and finding opportunities to maximise R&D in the field of software and technology. This includes integrating new technologies like big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things into every area of the business.

Saifur works with clients who frequently invest in software development or are looking to grow their business using new technologies. Their challenges are that they do not have the time or resources to pull together an in-depth record of their R&D work, eligibilities and financials. Our team alleviate that problem by maximising the benefits of R&D, while working in parallel with government legislation. 

Given his understanding of software development and procedures, Saifur holds discussions related to software projects, identifies advancements made within the field of technology, uncertainties raised and the work carried out at a technical level. He then writes a technical description using the specific guidelines and language HMRC are looking for in their reports. His knowledge of the CIRD and legislation relating to the eligible costing, allows the correct classification of costs, while looking at areas where we can claim further eligible costs.

Having previously worked in accounting and business advisory, Saifur has a BSc Economics & MSc Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, where he built a security application to detect vulnerabilities in software dependencies for his MSc project.

Saifur spends his time staying active – travelling and trying new cuisines as well as training at the local boxing gym.

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