Eliot Glover - L&D Director, HR Consultancy.

“Learning and development is about ensuring the engine room of an organisation is finely tuned, competitive and fit for purpose.”

Eliot joined Buzzacott in 2017 and is the Learning and Development Director for Buzzacott’s HR Consultancy team.

Eliot specialises in helping organisations enhance individual and team performance. He is a qualified executive coach, accredited mediator and solicitor and works with clients across the public, private and third sectors. He is an experienced international trainer and speaker with expertise in executive coaching (leadership and performance), conflict management and mediation.

Prior to joining Buzzacott Eliot spent 18 years in the British Army and NATO as a military legal officer. During those years he worked as a training officer responsible for professional skills, management and leadership development course design and delivery. He also set up a coaching programme in Afghanistan for international staff and introduced mediation into the British Army for rural areas of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

When he’s not working, Eliot enjoys sailing - both racing and teaching - and also occasionally practices Karate (black belt). He is a serious cook and likes to BBQ.


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We help everyone from nuns to hedge funds. Use us as a seamless bolt-on to support your existing HR team. Or we’re happy to take the reins if you want to outsource all or part of your HR. The same goes for Learning and Development. And when you run into issues – personal or personnel –  you can resolve them quickly and effectively with us on hand.

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Our learning and development teams can help your people become the best they can be, through executive coaching, our Leadership and Management Skills Series, or other training and support that we can tailor specifically to your business. 

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