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Efstathios Evelthontos - R&D Consultant

“I want to help companies succeed in their Research and Development (R&D) tax credit claims and ultimately improve the overall scientific and technological capabilities in the UK.”

Efstathios joined Buzzacott in October 2020 and is an R&D Consultant in our Corporate & Business Services team.

He works with a variety of clients across all sectors, from SMEs to large companies, whether it be engineering, architecture, product development, or software development. Efstathios supports clients by breaking down the lengthy technical HMRC guidance on R&D claims to give clarity on which projects and costs are eligible for claims.

He and the R&D team provide full preparation of claims based on transparency and trust. This includes eligibility assessment, technical interviews, costings and financials, and full report write ups, as well as reviewing existing claims.

Having engineering experience means Efstathios understands the challenges that can be faced during a development project. This means he can translate complicated challenges from clients into a clear narrative conducive with HMRC’s guidance so the claim is approved.

Efstathios works closely with Buzzacott’s Business Services, Audit and Corporate Tax teams, working collaboratively on grant submissions so clients are able to attain as much of the funding as possible.

Efstathios has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Liverpool as well as a Masters in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. During his time away from his desk, he enjoys running and indoor climbing.

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