Andy Hodgetts - Senior Manager.

"I’m a strategic advisor to my clients - building long-term relationships and getting to know their goals. I help clients raise the funds they need to grow their business through to helping them realise the value they have created in an exit and all the steps along the way."

Andy joined Buzzacott in 2016 and is a Senior Manager in the Corporate Finance team.

Andy works with high growth businesses in the tech sector, helping them better position themselves to raise funds, the type of monies that are available to them and how to work towards an exit. Typically working with founder-led growing and/or exiting companies, he understands the perspective of a founder and strategically advises to help them generate and realise value in their business. 

Prior to joining Buzzacott, he worked at Blippar, where he led the finance and operations of the business, and well as building experience on the commercial side of the company, helping the business to grow from 40 to 400 people at its peak and raising over $400m. 

Beyond his desk, Andy is a techie and a sports enthusiastic.

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As an entrepreneur, raising money demands time you may not have.

After all, business still needs to keep going – and growing – while you seek more working capital or project funds. Our team has the expertise and investor links to help you weigh up raising equity or debt finance via angel funding, private equity firms, venture capitalists or venture debt providers. 

We can also provide valuations and advice on the management buy-out/in (MBO/MBI) process. Use us as a sounding board on how best to position yourself, model cash flow and identify which investors are the smoothest fit. You focus on business, we’ll take care of fundraising.

If you’re a fund, we can provide the concise commercial and financial due diligence you need to support your investment process.

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