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Our Corporate Social Responsibility.

"Our CSR programme is broader and deeper than in many firms of our size and the willingness of Buzzacott team members to contribute is a big part of that" Trustees, Buzzacott Stuart Defries Trust.
Please click on the images below to view our CSR reporting over the years.


CSR report 2018-19


Click above to learn about Buzzacott's commitment to our people, our community and the environment with a case study on one of the charity's we supported this year: School-Home Support.








CSR report 2017-18


Click above to watch the case studies from the three charities we supported: Catholic Children's Society - St Francis Family Centre, First Love Found and SaferLondon.



CSR report 2016-17


Read about our time volunteering with Body & Soul, a transformational programme for people of all ages who have experience childhood adversity.



CSR report 2015-16


Click above to read about our sustainability activity, including how we saved a total of 836 trees by moving to more environmentally friendly suppliers.



CSR report 2014-15


Read about how Buzzacott is helping the younger generation with their education, through becoming a reading partner to a school in Bethnal Green and supporting the Access Project, by volunteering as tutors.

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