What five key points should be taken away from our 2017 ‘Evening with HMRC’ event?

Our latest Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution event provided attendees with an exclusive insight into HMRC's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process. In this article the head of the team, Mark Taylor, reveals the five key points that were covered.

The latest event provided attendees with an exclusive insight into HMRC's ADR process, highlighting the success of the process to date and what the future has to offer. The event was well attended by numerous Partners and Senior Associates of Professional Practices, Compliance Officers and Finance Directors.

The five main points taken away from the event are:

  1. The application for ADR can be made at any point and there is no need for an open appeal in place, the dispute just need to be sufficiently mature;
  2. The ADR process is being used more and more to settle cases with the need of the First-tier Tax Tribunal with up to 85% of cases being settled without the need for further litigation;
  3. Despite concerns being held by taxpayers and their representatives, the appointed ADR Facilitator has been confirmed in feedback as being neutral in the ADR mediation process;
  4. HMRC need to make its Compliance Officers better aware of the benefits of the ADR process to ensure that they come to the mediation day open-minded and willing to embrace the process; and
  5. HMRC caseworkers have admitted that without the ADR process they would not have settled the case without litigation.

Feedback provided by attendees was extremely positive. Further topics in our series of ‘Evening with HMRC’ events will be announced shortly. Watch this space.

For more information or advice please contact:

Mark Taylor

Head of Tax Investigations and Dispute Resolution

T | +44 (0)20 7556 1243

E | taylorm@buzzacott.co.uk

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