New Manager Pathway Programme.

Are you looking to motivate your staff? Have you thought about how the skills and training of a manager can impact the motivation of their team?

Do managers impact team motivation?

It’s incredibly common to promote an excellent staff member into a line management role only to realise that although they were outstanding at what they do, they don’t have the tools or skills to be an effective manager.
Often a new manager can run into challenges that have a significant negative impact on the motivation of their team or even the whole company.

For example:

  • The team morale and motivation drops
  • You see a decrease in performance from their team
  • The team become frustrated, rebel or even start to leave
  • HR need to be brought in to help
  • The new manager decides to leave or underperforms and stay


"It has given me confidence as a manager and made me more aware of all the options available to me to help make my team’s work-life as rewarding as possible."

Liz Scott, Finance Manager - Paul Hamlyn Foundation

An accredited course for managers designed to improve motivation

At Buzzacott we’ve always been committed to helping our employees succeed as they move into management roles. We’ve seen the challenges first hand and understand how to empower people to become confident and effective managers. That’s why we created the New Manager Pathway (NMP) management training programme...
This course fills the gap between technical expertise and people management. It’s endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and is designed to help delegates acquire the skills and confidence they need to enjoy and fulfill their roles as managers and motivate their staff.
Successful completion of the full programme and assessment will also give them the opportunity to achieve an ILM endorsed accreditation.

Flexible delivery, tailored to your needs

We offer the course in a flexible format either at our offices in central London or your company on dates that suit you. The programme can be booked in full or any of the seven modules can be booked individually.

Full programme cost
Businesses: £1,850 + VAT (per delegate)
Charities: £1,300 + VAT (per delegate)

Individual modules
£300 + VAT (per delegate)
The seven modules to become an effective manager and upcoming dates:


Managing self -  15/05/19

Managing others - 20/06/19

Managing teams - 18/07/19

Motivation -19/09/19

Communication - 17/10/19

Managing conflict - 14/11/19

Managing your impact - 19/12/19

Following completion of the programme there is  1:1 coaching session available to attendees.




Alternatively, if you would rather we run the training exclusively for your staff, please contact us for more information.

For more information on the programme and the modules, you can download the New Manager Pathway brochure here

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