Leadership and Management Skills Series.

If you’re in a new leadership role or an aspiring to be a manager, this interactive training series will equip you with the necessary skills to succeed.

Series overview

These five new leadership and management interactive workshops are independent of each other, allowing you to focus on the areas that matter the most to you, your role and your organisation. The series allows you to bolster your knowledge and confidence by putting the theory you'll learn into practice using real-life workplace scenarios or with suggestions you'd like to rehearse with. 

The people manager

When you’re promoted to a people manager, it requires the application of a host of leadership and management skills. It starts with understanding and reflecting upon your own natural style. In this workshop, you’ll understand what expectations you’ll face as a people manager, appreciate how different styles can be flexed, so you get the best from your team. This will leave you better equipped to manage your time and energy.

Stakeholder management

In any management and leadership role, it is important you understand who your stakeholders are and how to leverage the best out of those relationships, for the benefit of your team, organisation and your career. In this workshop, you will understand different management styles and effective people manager behaviours. You will be better equipped to understand dynamics within teams, unlock high performance in them and learn strategies to manage upwards.

Managing conflict

In any organisation there will always be occasions when conflict arises, but it is how you deal with it has a massive impact on morale, productivity and the perception that others have of you. In this workshop, you will understand the origins of conflict and what drives it. You will learn and practice using tools and techniques to deal with situations in a timely and effective manner, to restore working relationships both inside and externally to your organisation.

Essential negotiation skills

In a leadership and management role, negotiation will be a core skill that you will need to master. Whether it be with your direct reports, other teams within the organisation or externally with key stakeholders. To be successful, it’s key that you understand the dynamics of a negotiation and are able to apply a a strategy and structure to your approach, so as to meet your aims and maintain goodwill. In this workshop you will learn these techniques through practical negotiation exercises based upon real scenarios.

Delivering powerful presentations

Presentation skills are everything. It is paramount to positioning yourself as a leader who motivates, inspires and connects to their audience, therein projecting your integrity, message and your vision. In this workshop, you will learn the tips and tricks powerful leaders employ to engage with their audience, have the opportunity to work on your own skills, such as overcoming nerves, improving projection or delivering impact and assistance with an upcoming speech or presentation. 


At Buzzacott, we are committed to helping our employees succeed as they move into management roles. We have seen the challenges first hand and understand how to empower people to become confident and effective managers. That’s why we created the Leadership and Management Skills Series.

Flexible delivery, tailored to your needs

Our series schedule allows you to select from attending any of the Leadership and Management Skills sessions, these can be booked independently or as a series, with each webinar lasting 2 hrs, with a break. 

Per session: £175 + VAT (per delegate)

Series cost: £875 + VAT (per delegate) - Receive a complimentary one hour Executive coaching session , when you book onto the full series, worth £450, to help you embed your learning from the sessions into practice.

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