Investment management consulting for charities.

If you oversee charity or trust funds, then you can face an ever-increasing weight of responsibility thanks to current global economic uncertainty. Share that weight with us. We've been giving charities the objective information they need to make the right decisions for years.

Advice for trustees and charities

  • Investment strategy: Review existing investments, assess risk and suggest any changes needed to bring it in line with the overall strategy and ethics of your charity or trust.
  • Effective investment management: When you need a new or replacement investment manager, we can help you find, negotiate with and appoint the most suitable candidate.
  • Monitor performance: We track portfolio performance, meet regularly with your investment manager and help you assess risk taken vs. return achieved. You can rely on our help and expertise to make sure your chosen investment manager is delivering what you need.
  • Cash management:  What works for a charity or trust’s long-term portfolio is very different from what’s needed to manage its liquid assets. We evaluate the full range of market strengths and risks to help you decide on the best home for your cash deposits. 
  • Ancillary services: Aside from investment advice, we can also offer access to Foreign Exchange (FX) services through trusted third parties and help you consider and manage the impact of FX costs to your organisation

Buzzacott has spent many years supporting trustees, so our Financial Planning team has an exhaustive understanding of the workings and challenges of the charity sector. To stay on top, our clients often draw on the skills of the wider firm, in particular our dedicated charity and not-for-profit team.

Buzzacott Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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What is a Legal Entity Identifier and how are they relevant to charities?

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