Our thoughts: UK to suspend Tier 1 Investor Visa programme.

Friday 7 December 2018 marked the suspension of the Tier 1 visa scheme, but what will the impact of this be? Read our thoughts below.

The UK suspended the Tier 1 (investor) visa programme in a bid to crackdown on money laundering and organised crime, giving the Home Office a chance to make much needed improvements to the scheme.

What are our thoughts on this?

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“It would appear that Tier 1 Investor Visas were not working quite as we’d hoped because the programme has been suspended until new, better focused, rules are introduced in 2019.


“The new rules are likely to require the funds to be invested into UK trading businesses, rather than providing the opportunity to simply acquire UK government bonds and will be important if the UK is to continue to attract wealthy EU families once we leave the EU.

“Will these be as attractive once access to the EU has gone? This will remain to be seen.”

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“On first look, this appears to be positive news for UK businesses genuinely looking to raise capital, with capital having to go into genuine holdings, however the reality is this will likely have a relatively small impact for smaller UK businesses.


"While this is in line with the trend the government have shown to promote investment into UK businesses, the changes that have been made to EIS/VCT schemes over the last few years are likely to have a much bigger impact on growing UK companies.”