Maximising business value for your future exit.

In this time of uncertainty, you’re likely to be considering various options which will determine the future of your business. With this comes your own future, and planning your exit strategy is a key step to ensuring that you can maximise value when the time comes. 

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Now is the time to fully flesh out those plans to ensure that you can capitalise on any opportunities during this period of uncertainty. With a carefully considered route to exit, you can take the right steps to get on track to meet your end goal so that when the markets do settle, you are primed, ready and waiting for what will follow.

While short-term cashflow issues and tackling business continuity planning is likely to be consuming most of your time and energy, it is important to revisit the long term. 

Building an exit plan now will increase the likelihood of a potential purchaser when the markets steady. You’ll have a relevant and current understanding of the value of your business as well as clear goals in mind in order to start those conversations. 

In changing times like these, your exit strategy may well be evolving beyond what you originally had in mind. For example, in an environment where less fortunate businesses will be struggling to survive, your strategy could pivot from say, an organic growth one into a buy and build one. This will of course impact your exit horizon and there are other pros and cons to an acquisition strategy before deciding that this is the right route for you.

Other strategies you may be considering include a management buy out or employee ownership, both of which we can discuss with you.

We live in evolving times, so having a clear, current and agile exit strategy in mind is crucial. We can help you to determine your goals, ensuring congruence among the shareholder group, and work together to build your tailored exit plan to meet those goals.

This article was last updated on 26 March 2020.

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