Does your leadership team have the right skills?

No matter how big or small, organisations must be confident in the ability of their leadership team to deliver the organisation’s strategic goals. However, given the differing backgrounds and strengths of individuals, how do organisations determine whether the team has the correct balance of knowledge, skills, attributes and experience?
Especially in times of uncertainty, but equally in times of growth, it is important that the senior management team, whether it be an Executive Board or a Board of Trustees, has a broad mix of skills, attributes and experience to allow it to function effectively. While there are legal guidelines to allow an individual to act as a company director or a trustee, how does your organisation ensure that the senior team has the necessary range of skills to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals?

Regulatory guidance?
In some instances, the required competencies may be prescribed by regulation, such as in “Fit and Proper” status, or through government departmental guidance for public bodies, or guidance as provided by the ISCA Governance Institute (July 2017) on Charity Trustee Recruitment. However, most organisations will have developed their own bespoke competence structure for the senior management team and therefore lack much needed objectivity on what is needed.  This is where a skills audit can help. 

What about a skills audit?
In simple terms, a skills audit is a survey process giving individuals the opportunity to self-appraise their perceived levels of competence in the key areas of management relevant to the organisation and their position within the management structure. Properly explained and conducted, and with honesty from those participating, a skills audit is a positive step to enhancing an individual’s own competency, as well as improving the overall team performance. 

How does it help identify if your organisation has the right mix of talent in senior management?
By conducting a skills audit, organisations are able to gather information about the current skills within the management team, and to identify areas of strength as well as gaps that require development. With the information, organisations can provide targeted and more appropriate development solutions for the team, improve corporate succession planning by identifying the potential future leaders of the organisation, and be able to focus future recruitment activities to attract individuals with the desired skills and attributes where they do not currently exist within the organisation.
At Buzzacott HR Consultancy, we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your organisation so we can ensure we address your specific needs. For more information on how to conduct a skills audit, please reach out to your usual Buzzacott HR Consultancy contact or email
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